Postdoctoral researcher (m/f)

Postdoctoral researcher (m/f)

Foundation Hubrecht Organoid Technology



The R&D department from HUB is looking for bright and enthusiastic postdoctoral researchers (m/f) interested in advancing their scientific career within a dynamic and innovative research environment.

Candidate profile

Applicants should possess a PhD in Biomedical Science, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry or equivalent.

Strong scientific interest with proven capability to perform independent research indicated by a solid scientific track record.

Ability to independently determine study design, execution, data analysis and interpretation of results. A strong interest in practical in vitro studies and a strong interest in troubleshooting will be essential to ensure successful completion of the projects.

Very good theoretical knowledge and practical experience of 2D and 3D cell cultures, cell-based assays and molecular biology techniques.

Ability to manage multiple research lines without losing track of project timelines, status and aims.

Experience in physiology of the digestive system, cancer models or onco-inmunology is a plus.

Excellent organizational skills and knowledge of the English language is required (oral/written).


Mail your motivation letter, together with your CV in English to A. Looyen (


Company profile

Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) is a spin-off company of the Hubrecht Institute, KNAW and University Medical Center Utrecht. HUB is founded on the pioneering work of Prof. Dr. Hans Clevers who discovered methods to grow stem cell-derived human  epithelial ‘mini-organs’ (organoids) from tissues of patients with various diseases.

Key to the development of the Organoid technology was the discovery of LGR5+ intestinal stem cells by the Clevers lab. These HUB Organoids proved to be both genetically and phenotypically stable in cell culture and are amenable to all standard experimental manipulations. HUB Organoids are generally expected over time to fundamentally impact the whole drug development process, ranging from pre-clinical screening and clinical stratification towards companion diagnostic and even regenerative medicine

HUB is responsible for development and commercialization of the Organoid technology in the broadest sense. HUB is collaborating with a growing number of pharma and biotech partners in a range of diseases, including Cystic Fibrosis and oncology. HUB has the ambition to significantly grow in the near future, with the aim to broaden the global use of HUB organoids for different purposes.

Agency or sales calls are not appreciated

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