Long-term expanding human airway organoids for disease modeling

January 31, 2019

Tiny Klunder

For the first time Clevers’ group successfully established long-term-expanding human airway organoids, containing all major cellular elements, from healthy individuals, as well as from patients.

Several approaches have been explored to generate mammalian airway organoids. None of these approaches allows long-term expansion of airway epithelium from adult human individuals in vitro.

Human airway organoids represent versatile models for the in vitro study of hereditary, malignant, and infectious pulmonary diseases; personalized approaches in CF, lung cancer such as NSCLC to test individualized cancer immunotherapy, viral infections such as RSV and in vitro evidence for the direct effects of the viral protein NS2 on cell mobility and fusion.

Sachs et al Lung EMBO 2019

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