HUB is going to participate in the upcoming SLAS Europe conference. Come and join us!

June 12, 2018

Tiny Klunder

If you are at SLAS in Brussels, we would like to make a suggestion for your afternoon program on Wednesday June 27th.

In the Silver hall, at 3.40 pm, Dr. Rob Vries will be speaking about Organoids: The Next Generation In Vitro Predictive Patient Model.

Key to the development of the Organoid Technology was the discovery of LGR5+ intestinal adult stem cells by the lab of Hans Clevers. When provided with the appropriate growth factors, the adult stem cells were found to form a polarized epithelium in which stem cells, and their offspring such as differentiated cells maintain their natural hierarchical and functional role. Importantly, organoids proved to be both genetically and phenotypically stable during cell culture. After the discovery of the method for intestinal cells we developed methods for many other organs such as liver, lung and pancreas.

Take advantage of this occasion to hear about this innovative technology and ask questions.

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